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Forum Contains New Posts Elites Announcements
Keep up to date with the latest CPA Elites announcements. Learn about all the new exciting changes that are made on the forum, this section covers everything such: new custom plugins and features, competitions and more.
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496 threads
4,996 posts
Please remember this rule...
Yesterday, 07:00 PM
by CharlieHarper
Forum Contains New Posts Elites Introductions
Introduce yourself to the community and let everyone know who you are and where you're from. Make your first post here.
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4,941 threads
31,056 posts
Yesterday, 07:05 AM
by iBrobot

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Forum Contains New Posts CPA Networks & Affiliate Programs
Get yourself listed for a one time $150 fee, if you're looking to expand and brand your network or program in front of thousands of active users post it here. View our statistics and use the advertising contact form here: https://www.cpaelites.com/advertise.php - Please note - Only network owners/staff may submit threads in this forum, no referrals. Please be patient and allow up to 48hrs. Threads are moderated before approval.
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AdsMain - Your Trusted Af...
35 minutes ago
by AdsMain
Forum Contains New Posts Affiliate Network Groups and Applications
Help support your favourite network by joining their CPA Elites private group, users can be invited into the groups, or they can join automatically, when joined you have the ability to wear unique network profile badges, allowing you to help brand them on the forum.​ Joining takes less than 20 seconds, enter this forum and scroll down to find out how this is done.
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AdGate Media - Official C...
2019-02-17, 12:27 PM
by provencourses

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Forum Contains New Posts [GET STARTED] CPA Marketing For Newbies
ATTENTION NEWBIES - CPA Elites has put together a funnel of detailed CPA marketing articles, so you can learn everything in no time at all. Start here and learn the basics. Please Note - (This is a closed forum)
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19 threads
19 posts
2018-03-06, 09:37 PM
by HawkEye
Forum Contains New Posts Main CPA Discussions & Elites Helpdesk
CPA discussions involving an affiliate internet marketing model known as CPA (Cost Per Action). Including the helpdesk where newcomers to the CPA industry may kindly ask for help regarding simple and generic questions. Discuss any type of CPA network model such as CPA - (Cost Per Action), PPL - (Pay Per Lead), PPI - (Pay Per Install), PPV - (Pay Per View), CPC - (Cost Per Conversion), PPA - (Pay Per Action), and any other related affiliate networks can be discussed here.
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19,882 threads
142,582 posts
Monetize Snapchat traffic
24 minutes ago
by MyLead
Forum Contains New Posts Non Incentive CPA & Ecommerce, Dropshipping
This forum covers different topics: - Non incent CPA marketing such as tracking, scaling, optimization, spying and split testing with your campaigns and landing pages. Read guides on cloaking tricks, and much more. - Ecommerce, Dropshipping are very popular topics and can generate a great income, you will find guides regarding both in here.
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90 threads
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Facebook Ads for Dropship...
2019-02-13, 05:05 AM
by siddakrish
Forum Contains New Posts Case Studies, Journeys & Bragging
Create new case studies, follow along journeys and bragging threads here, and get help from both legend earners and newbies looking to make money online, post your journey no matter what the traffic source or niche. Or perhaps brag about an achievement. We have watched newbies turn into Legendary earners in this section, get inspired.
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2,339 threads
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$50 /Day with IG + YT
5 hours ago
by Tuw
Forum Contains New Posts Niches, Tutorials & Downloads
Share niches, downloads and tutorials, or anything else you feel will help other users out. If you have something to share go ahead and post it, remember to follow the rules and always provide virus scans where needed.
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4,355 threads
70,408 posts
MD5 Hasher 1.0 - The Best...
2 hours ago
by olemax

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Forum Contains New Posts Crypto Hub - Invest Now, Profit Later
Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Here you may discuss: Mining and pools, wallets and storage, valuation, investing, pricing, profits etc.
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95 threads
906 posts
have been so much interes...
2019-02-17, 05:16 PM
by mina9000

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Forum Contains New Posts Whitehat & Blackhat SEO
SEO (search engine optimization) is the art of ranking websites. Discuss SEO methods and tools in this forum. Learn how to stay ranked on the search engines. Top ranked websites help turn newbies into legend earners, taking the time to learn SEO is a very worthwhile achievement in the CPA industry.
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1,603 threads
19,061 posts
I need help with youtube ...
13 minutes ago
by MyLead
Forum Contains New Posts Social Media - YouTube, Facebook, etc.
YouTube, Facebook, and other social media services are a gold mine for internet marketers. Share and discuss different techniques, tools, and methods in this forum. Help others with advanced social media-related questions and help yourself with the vast trove of knowledge within. Get your niche viral and bank hard.
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2,606 threads
32,167 posts
Youtube Video Re-upload
44 minutes ago
by MyLead
Forum Contains New Posts Coding, Design and Creatives, Spying and Research
This area is one of the most important aspects to CPA, you will learn everything from: coding, programming, scripts and integrations. Landing Pages, creatives and everything visual. Campaign spying, research and intelligence.
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986 threads
7,281 posts
[TUTORIAL]Get free premiu...
2019-02-15, 04:24 AM
by rikitheslicer

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Forum Contains New Posts Elites Lounge
Chill out, relax and meet like minded people. This forum is the island of misfit posts; anything that does not have a relevant forum belongs here. Take some time out and grab a coffee, everyone deserves a break.
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4,499 threads
54,275 posts
27 minutes ago
by maxwelldavis

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Forum Contains New Posts Elites VIP Services & Products
Here VIP users may sell services and products, selling is 100% free, there is no listing fee. Sell to thousands of active users. Post your thread in this section and it will be held for moderation, please be patient, threads will be moderated within 24hrs. Threads are moderated before approval.
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2,387 threads
56,454 posts
⭐️ GramCreator ⭐️ Instagr...
4 hours ago
by topaccs
Forum Contains New Posts Want To Buy
Looking for something to buy? go ahead and post your threads in here. No selling nor referral links in this forum. This forum is moderated, meaning your threads won't be public until being moderated. Threads are moderated before approval.
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790 threads
2,756 posts
WTB .EDU email.
Yesterday, 06:34 PM
by CharlieHarper
Forum Contains New Posts Deal Disputes
You must follow the section rules before making any accusations in here; the rules can be found inside at the top.
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140 threads
1,804 posts
Leads bad support on meth...
Yesterday, 11:59 AM
by CharlieHarper

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Forum Contains New Posts CPA Legends Discussions
Exclusive CPA Legends lounge. VIP access only.
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1,784 threads
13,200 posts
BULK SMS sender
2019-02-17, 06:01 AM
by justintv90
Forum Contains New Posts Legends Niches & Freebies
Legend earners HQ converting niches and freebies, mostly keyword researched and ready to rank awesome converting niches that offer easy to rank keywords, including saturated niches that can be broken down into seeds to rank fast. VIP access only.
1,233   11,083
1,233 threads
11,083 posts
2018-11-24, 01:11 AM
by Tauro23
Forum Contains New Posts Legends Bank Hard Secret Methods
Inside this section you will find both HawkEye's and VIP Legends personal advanced tutorials. VIP Legends will be awarded the (Legends Secret Contributor) award if their guides are good enough to be added in here. VIP access only.
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122 threads
578 posts
Adwords Account CReation ...
2019-01-05, 07:26 PM
by CharlieHarper

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Forum Contains New Posts Suggestions
Post and suggest any ideas you may have that can help improve the overall quality of the forum. Please note - Read the sticky thread inside this section as we do have a certain criteria, and already denied suggestions.
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88 threads
557 posts
Specialists in Mobile Tra...
2018-12-12, 11:53 AM
by CharlieHarper

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